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Who are we?

Welcome to XIR Clan's Homepage. We are a International Unreal Tournament 2004 clan that plays mainly Instagib Deathmatch(iDM) and Instagib Team DeathMatch(iTDM).

We are a highly ranked clan in Unreal Tournament 2004 stats database due to having competitive players, but play for fun. We formed in April 2005 and as our name suggests we like to play to the extreme. We have a friendly community between clan members, friends of XIR and other related clans. In future we will engage ourselves in UT3 as well.


Useful Links

XIR.Forum - Where members and friends and new visitors meet to have general discussions. Please sign up to our forum, we'll be please to meet you!
XIR.Members - See who is in our clan, anyone you know? where we are all from and how old we all are!
XIR.Contact Us - Want to get in touch with the web admin? or arrange a clan war or even to join us! We'll get back to as soon as possible.
XIR.Maps - Meet our map creators, see what maps we have to offer your servers, and see what's coming up soon!
XIR.Servers - Visit our servers, take note of our IP addresses, see what specification we are running on.


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